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Heatless Dryer for Ozone Generator Applications

Our customer for this 15 CFM heatless pressure swing desiccant dryer uses a ozone generator for their industrial grade process. Their particular ozone generator works by means of a corona discharge tube. These types of ozone generators are very good for industrial applications as they are very cost effective and do not require an oxygen source other than ambient air. However these types of ozone generators also produce nitrogen oxides as a by-product. The use of a heatless pressure swing desiccant dryer can be used to reduce or in some cases eliminate nitric acid formation by removing water vapor from the ozone generation process.

An additional benefit to the use of a desiccant dryer in this process is an increase in ozone production. As the dewpoint is lowered the efficiency of ozone production increases.

This standard 15 CFM heatless pressure swing desiccant dryer is capable of dewpoints between -40 to -100 degrees F. You will also notice in the picture that this dryer has no base. One of the customer requirements for this application was that the dryer should be wall mounted as there was no space available on the floor near the ozone generator. Our expert engineers we happy to design a unit to accommodate this requirement.

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