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Q Series, Quiet Fire Protection Air Compressors from General Air Products

General Air Products, the leading manufacturer of air compressors designed for the fire sprinkler industry, has released a new line of quiet fire protection air compressors – the Q Series.

We have received complaints on noise issues in apartment and nursing home attics, churches, schools, hospitals, hotels and retail businesses to name a few. In the past the only solution to noisy fire protection air compressors required extensive re-piping and relocation and the construction of a costly enclosure. The Q Series is designed for use in all types of dry pipe sprinkler systems where building design requires the air compressor to be located in occupied or well used areas of buildings.

Available exclusively through our national network of distributors the Q Series quiet fire protection air compressor is the fire sprinkler industry’s solution to noise issues related to the placement of air compressors in well trafficked spaces.

  • Rated below 60 dB
  • 30 minute fill capacities up to 500 gallons
  • Maintenance capacities up to 4000 gallons
  • Available in Riser Mount, Tank mount, Low Pressure and Standard Pressure Configurations
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