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Automatic Drain Valves

General Air Products offers a variety of automatic drains for use in fire sprinkler systems and in conjunction with our fire protection air compressors. Use of these drains will reduce or eliminate the collection of moisture in the compressor tanks as well as low points in a dry pipe or pre-action sprinkler system.

Automatic Tank Drain Assembly

Automatic Tank Drain AssemblyModel Number: APCX51

The APCX51 drain assembly is designed to automatically drain liquid water and oil from compressed air receivers such as the ones in use on our OL Plus Tank Mounted Units as our LT Series Lubricated Tank Mounted Air Compressors. This tank drain assembly is easily installed in place of the manual drain that is standard on all of our tank mounted air compressors. There is no electricity required for the APCX51 tank drain assembly as the drain automatically operates with a float. The APCX51 comes with a set of 4 vibration pads to allow clearance for the assembly at installation.

Automatic Drip Leg Drains

CDF2000Model Number: CDF2000

General Air Products' CDF2000 Automatic Float Drain works perfectly as an automatic drip leg drain to remove collected water from the compressed air line running from the compressor to the sprinkler system valve. The unit contains a stainless steel float operated purging system that requires no electricity. As the condensate level rises, the float rises, opening the discharge orifice and releasing the condensate without releasing any of the pressurized air.


Automatic Drip Leg DrainsModel Number: DVA2T

The DVA2T Automatic Drain Valve is designed to drain condensate from anywhere that condensate collects. The full ported solenoid valve is electrically timed by a solid state adjustable timer. Contact the factory for more information.

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