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Complete Dry Sprinkler System Filling Solutions | NFPA 13D Pump & Tank Packages

Complete Dry Pipe Sprinkler System Filling Solutions

For over 50 years General Air Products has been the leading manufacturer of air supply equipment for filling Dry Pipe & Pre-Action Fire Sprinkler Systems. We manufacture a complete line of Fire Protection Air Compressors, Corrosion Prevention Delivery Systems, Dry Air Generators & Nitrogen Generators for dry pipe sprinkler systems as well as many Accessories like Air Maintenance Devices. Whatever your dry system demands, only General Air Products has the best filling solution for EVERY application.

Vapor Pipe Shield Corrosion Prevention Delivery System

Vapor Pipe Shield is a UL Listed delivery system for Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor (VpCI®) that is fully mechanical, and piped directly in-line between the air compressor and the sprinkler valve. Air Flow provided by the air compressor runs through Vapor Pipe Shield and picks up VpCI® molecules that are carried into the sprinkler system and attracted to all metal surfaces.

NFPA 13D Residential Pump & Tank Systems

We also manufacture Residential Pump & Tank Systems for NFPA 13D applications. We offer these packages in both standard and custom configurations. Our NFPA 13D Pump & Tank Systems come standard with stainless steel pumps and non-ferrous components. Specifically designed with the contractor in mind, these units are efficient, reliable and easy to install.

Fire Sprinkler System Training

The National Fire Sprinkler System Training Center at General Air Products is located in Exton, Pennsylvania. This NICET recognized training facility is state-of-the-art and features fire sprinkler products from several manufacturers in the fire protection industry allowing attendees to get hands-on with a variety of live equipment.

Upcoming Fire Sprinkler System Training Events & Webinars


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