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Air Maintenance Devices

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Air Maintenance Devices

The Automatic Air Maintenance Device is a UL Listed and FM Approved assembly of valves, nipples, fittings, and actuators to automatically control the air pressure in the piping of dry pipe sprinkler systems, preaction sprinkler systems, or dry pilot actuated deluge systems. The Air Maintenance Device is designed to automatically feed air into the system piping at the required volume and pressure from an air source such as: 1. An air compressor, 2. An air receiver tank, 3. A plant air system (owner’s air)

When NFPA Code requires an Air Maintenance Device in a dry pipe system, General Air Products UL/FM Approved Air Maintenance Devices are designed to control the amount of air fed into the dry pipe system so that the volume of air available while maintaining the system pressure does not effect the ability of the water to move through the piping system.

Model AMD-1 Air Maintenance Device

Model AMD-1 Air Maintenance Device is used when compressed air is supplied through an existing factory air supply, when using tank mounted fire protection air compressors or larger riser mounted type air compressors. 

Model AMD-2 Air Maintenance Device (with Pressure Switch)

Model AMD-2 Air Maintenance Device is used for automatic operation in conjunction with a dedicated fire protection air compressor that does not have a pressure switch installed, such as our L Series base mounted lubricated units.

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  • UL Listed for Fire Protection
  • FM Approved
  • Pressure gauge included with every unit
  • Pressure set knob on regulator requires no tools to adjust
  • Y-Strainer
  • Restrictive Orifice Check Valve

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