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About Us

Quality isn’t our goal, it’s where we begin.

At General Air Products, “Quality and Service Since 1936” isn’t just some throwaway motto — they’re the words our company was founded on and words we live by today as we continue to grow and innovate alongside the fire protection and industrial machinery industries.

Originally established as General Blower Company in 1936, Robert F. Fremont Sr. began manufacturing soot blowers and induced draft fans for industrial and commercial use, with a focus on utility companies, in the Greater Philadelphia area.

By the 1950s, General Blower Co. expanded into the niche markets of the compressed air industry by manufacturing air compressors for laundry equipment and fire protection applications.

As demands within the fire protection industry grew, so too did General Blower, going from building equipment in the basement to a leader in the field by the 1980s, known for high quality, custom compatibility, and customer service.

In the 1990s, General Blower Co. became General Air Products as we adapted to a changing marketplace and expanded into the manufacturing of fluid processing equipment, including chillers, pumping stations, and air fluid coolers, as well as compressed air treatment products for a variety of industrial applications.

General Air Products continued to lead the way in manufacturing equipment for custom applications in the fire protection industry and it’s during this time we expanded our product line to include the Dry Air Pac, the first compressor/dryer package on the market for dry pipe and pre-action fire sprinkler systems. 

The expansion only continued from there and it wasn’t long before we introduced Oil Less and Quiet Air Compressors, Nitrogen Generators, and NFPA 13D Pump and Tank packages for residential sprinkler systems — offering new products and air supply solutions for fire protection applications to keep up with technological advancements in the industry. 

Today, under the fourth generation of this family-led business, General Air Products remains one of the most trusted brands in the fire protection industry and the leading authority for filling dry pipe and pre-action sprinkler systems. Quite simply, providing the most dependable equipment and technical support — Quality and Service — is what we do, now and into the future.

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