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Your facility needs reliable cooling power that delivers powerful results while minimizing operating costs and energy use. As the primary cooling mechanism for any closed-loop system, your air cooler should support continuous operation. General Air Products’ closed-loop fluid coolers deliver it all. Choose from an array of industrial fluid coolers, or work with us to create a custom result that suits your specific needs.

These efficient systems keep your sensitive industrial equipment cool and free of costly sludge buildup and other typical open-system contaminants. Consult our Fluid Cooler Manual for a full breakdown of models, technical specifications, and customization opportunities in our entire line of standard coolers.

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System Features

While any of our air compressor cooling devices can be adjusted to meet your tailored preferences, most systems offer the same standard features:

  • Constructed with copper tubes, aluminum fins, aluminum collared tube sheets, and galvanized steel housing. Vent and drain connections are standard.
  • Each cooler features a corrosion-resistant make, preventing tube wear from thermal expansion and overall wear from external forces.
  • Systems withstand outdoor operations with sealed ball bearings, shaft slingers, and internal overload protection.
  • Each fan is a direct drive propeller, contributing to even and efficient air distribution. There are access doors at each fan for easy inspection. 
  • The most common standard voltage options include 208, 230, 460, and 575.
  • High-efficiency coils tested to withstand up to 400 PSIG underwater.
  • OPTIONAL: Talk to our support team about the additional fan cycling weather-resistant control panel. Use multiple fan units to optimize your system with a panel constructed to the NEMA 3 design. The control voltage of this optional feature is 115/60/1 VAC.

The Benefits of Air Compressor Cooling

General Air Products is proud to bring on new clients every day, helping people like you find innovative ways to improve site productivity and solve complex situations. In most cases, our fluid cooling systems offer benefits such as:

  • Lower operating costs: When running a business, cost is everything. Our air coolers for air compressors recycle cold fluids, allowing you to reuse materials and have a constant, immediate supply of cooling power. This feature helps reduce costs for city water prices, treatments, and sewage bills.
  • Energy efficiency: These coolers also offer the potential to reclaim and reuse heat waste. Furthermore, reusing fluids slows corrosion buildup and prevents scaling, benefiting both you and your environment.
  • Installation flexibility: Install your cooler inside or outside, depending on your needs. All models offer vertical and horizontal air discharge, and you can add on several extra features to cater every part of your cooler to precise specifications.
  • Freeze protection: Our systems run with glycol, preventing freezing of the pipes and ensuring you always have cooling power, regardless of the weather outside.


Air compressor air coolers play an essential role in many manufacturing operations. In the past, we’ve supplied coolers and support to industries working with:

  • Air Compressor Cooling
  • Hydraulic Presses
  • Free Cooling – Energy Saving Cooling Design
  • Radar Cooling
  • Welding
  • Furnace Equipment Cooling

Unsure if these coolers are the right choice for your business? Our expert engineers will help you determine whether this or another type of cooling apparatus will suit your needs best.

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Clean, cool, and efficient — industrial fluid coolers from General Air Products are an outstanding addition to any quality processing facility. Explore our manual to see if our standard options fit your operational requirements, or contact us to discuss a quote on a custom build.

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