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For Any Given Dry Pipe or Pre-Action Fire Sprinkler System Application

In order to better serve the fire sprinkler industry, General Air Products offers all of the accessories you could need for any given dry pipe sprinkler system application. Some of these accessories are available to help you be compliant with sprinkler code like the air maintenance devices and line starters, some to help you overcome environmental challenges like the manual desiccant dryer or the automatic tank drain. Other accessories are available to help you protect the long and reliable life of the air compressor like our vibration pads and flex hoses.

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Air Maintenance Devices
Our UL Listed / FM Approved Air Maintenance Devices are designed to control the amount of air delivered into dry pipe systems.
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Pressure Switches for Air Compressors
Our Digital and Mechanical pressure switches are all UL 508 Listed and the brains of your fire protection air compressor.
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Motor Starters
Our Magnetic Line Starter is a rugged, industrial designed, full voltage, non-reversing IEC rated overload protector.
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Riser Tank Kit
Designed for use with our OL Series Oil Less Riser mounted air compressors in systems where space is limited but air storage is required.
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Manual Desiccant Dryer
The manual desiccant dryers are used to remove water vapor from the compressed air before it enters the sprinkler system.
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Coalescing Filter
Our coalescing filters are used to protect desiccant dryers from oil vapor and other contaminants.
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Flex Hose
A 30” stainless steel flex hose and 1/2″ union are included with every compressor allowing for faster installation and more reliable operation.
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Vibration Pads
4 neoprene and cork isolation pads are included with all tank mounted compressors to reduce noise and vibration,
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Check Valves
Our check valves offer bubble-tight sealing capabilities at low pressure drops. Valve bodies are brass with fluorocarbon ‘O’-rings.
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Pressure Relief Valves
Our pressure relief valves are all brass construction and used in systems to maintain a desired pressure level.
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Automatic Drain Valves
We offer a variety of automatic drains for use in fire sprinkler systems and in conjunction with our fire protection air compressors.
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Compressor Oil
Our specially formulated compressor oil (for lubricated units) is available as individual quarts and in case quantities of 12.
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