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General’s Vibration Isolation Pads (Model # KVP4X4) are a simple form of vibration and noise control where two neoprene honey-combed sheets are adhered to a cork core. Our Vibration Pads are 3” by 3” and 1” thick. They are rated at a max load of 50 pounds per square inch, 150 pounds maximum per pad and come in a box of 4. If you have any questions about these pads, their cost, or additional uses please contact us.


General Air Products provides these vibration pads with all of our tank mounted air compressors as well as with our auto tank drain assembly (APCX51). These vibration pads are designed to reduce noise by absorbing the vibration of a running air compressor. They will also help to reduce the damage seen in an air compressor that results from vibrating against a solid surface.


  • 4 vibration isolation pads per order
  • Made of neoprene and cork to reduce noise & vibration
  • Rated at 50 lbs. per square inch

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