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Fire Protection Nitrogen Generators

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Designed to provide on-site, high purity nitrogen for use in dry pipe & pre-action fire sprinkler systems

General Air Products Nitrogen Generators are fully tested and assembled, turn-key packages ready to be connected to a new or existing fire sprinkler system.

Fire Protection Nitrogen Generator Wall Mount

Each Nitrogen Generator includes a fire protection air compressor specifically designed to fill the sprinkler system to supervisory pressure within 30 minutes per NFPA 13, as well as all air filtration equipment, nitrogen membranes and tanks required to keep the generator operating at peak efficiency.

General Air Products Nitrogen Generator Systems provide a reliable and efficient method of producing a minimum of 98% nitrogen at the point of usage which will slow corrosion, improve the life of the system and lower maintenance costs. All this is backed by the best lifetime customer service and technical support in the industry.

Do you know when your air supply equipment is due for maintenance?


Fire Sprinkler System Training

The National Fire Sprinkler System Training Center at General Air Products is located in Exton, Pennsylvania. This NICET recognized training facility is state-of-the-art and features fire sprinkler products from several manufacturers in the fire protection industry allowing attendees to get hands-on with a variety of live equipment. We also offer virtual training and webinars online.

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