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Fire Protection Air Compressors

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Fire Protection Air Compressors Specifically Designed For Dry Pipe & Pre-Action Sprinkler Systems

General Air Products is synonymous with fire protection air compressors for dry pipe sprinkler systems and for good reason. We have been the leader in the fire sprinkler industry since we began building fire protection air compressors in the 1960s.

We offer a complete line of Oil-Less and Lubricated Fire Protection Air Compressors in Riser and Tank Mounted configurations.

Featuring our Digital Pressure Switch & Auto Drain Valve (on Tank Mounted models):

Factory Pre-Set Mechanical Pressure Switch:

Fire Sprinkler Applications

Most commonly used in dry pipe and pre-action type sprinkler systems, we offer a complete range of air compressors that are specifically designed to meet the unique demands of a fire sprinkler application. A General Air Products fire protection air compressor arrives at the job site ready to meet the requirements in NFPA 13 for both fill up time and water delivery time.

Our customer service sets us apart from all others and we provide lifetime technical support for all of our equipment. When you use a General Air Products fire protection air compressor it’s like having an air compressor expert on staff. All you have to do is call and we will help you with any compressor related questions while you are standing at the riser!

Do you know when your air supply equipment is due for maintenance?


Fire Sprinkler System Training

The National Fire Sprinkler System Training Center at General Air Products is located in Exton, Pennsylvania. This NICET recognized training facility is state-of-the-art and features fire sprinkler products from several manufacturers in the fire protection industry allowing attendees to get hands-on with a variety of live equipment. We also offer virtual training and webinars online.

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