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Oil-Less Tank Mounted Air Compressors With Digital Pressure Switch & Auto Tank Drain. For Use In Dry Pipe & Pre-Action Fire Sprinkler Systems.

Introducing the most advanced Fire Protection Air Compressors ever built! Featuring an all-new, UL 508 Listed, General Air Products Digital Pressure Switch and an Automatic Tank Drain Valve.

Digital Pressure Switch:

The ONLY UL-Listed Digital Pressure Switch in the Fire Protection industry designed and built by the compressor manufacturer themselves. Displays Pressure Readings, Run Hours, Amps, Cycles, and is extremely easy to adjust pressure settings in the field.

As with all of our fire protection air compressors, the OLT Advance Series is specifically engineered to pressurize dry pipe and pre-action sprinkler systems according to the parameters of NFPA 13. Tank mounted air compressors are recommended as the ideal type of compressor for dry pipe sprinkler applications.

All of our OLT Advance single phase standard pressure units are UL 1450-VDUR listed for fire protection, fully automatic, and virtually maintenance free. We include a 30” braided stainless steel flex hose with a ½” NPT union, and 4 vibration isolation pads to allow for a fast and easy installation.

The OLT Advance Series fire protection air compressors cover 30 minute fill up times on sprinkler systems up to 600 gallons in size.

Note: An AMD-1 air maintenance device is required by code with all tank mounted fire protection air compressors. Multiple dry valves may be supplied from a single tank mounted compressor when using our AMD-1 on each individual system.

Lead Time: 7 days to ship

For large orders & exact lead times, please consult factory.

Model Number
System Capacity (gal)
Order Maintenance Kit
Engineering Submittal Package
Wiring Guide
Cut Sheet
120 (gal) @ 40 PSI
250 (gal) @ 40 PSI
400 (gal) @ 40 PSI
500 (gal) @ 40 PSI
600 (gal) @ 40 PSI
Engineering Submittal Packages Include: REVIT Families (RFA), CAD Details (DWG), Written Specifications & Licensed MasterSpec® (DOC)

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Model Number
20 PSI
30 PSI
40 PSI
50 PSI
60 PSI
70 PSI
80 PSI
90 PSI
100 PSI
265 (gal)
170 (gal)
120 (gal)
95 (gal)
75 (gal)
65 (gal)
55 (gal)
45 gal
40 (gal)
565 (gal)
350 (gal)
250 (gal)
190 (gal)
155 (gal)
125 (gal)
105 (gal)
90 (gal)
75 (gal)
930 (gal)
595 (gal)
400 (gal)
325 (gal)
255 (gal)
215 (gal)
180 (gal)
155 (gal)
135 (gal)
1030 (gal)
655 (gal)
500 (gal)
360 (gal)
290 (gal)
240 (gal)
200 (gal)
170 (gal)
145 (gal)
1250 (gal)
790 (gal)
600 (gal)
435 (gal)
350 (gal)
285 (gal)
240 (gal)
210 (gal)
180 (gal)
The OL Advance Series Digital Fire Protection Air Compressors are UL 1450-VDUR Listed and specifically designed to fill dry pipe and
pre-action fire sprinkler systems to supervisory pressure within 30 minutes per NFPA 13.

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