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The Importance of Proper Chiller Sizing

Chillers are critical for keeping products, equipment, materials, and ingredients at proper operating temperatures. You’d be surprised how heavily your chiller’s size can impact performance, energy consumption, and operating expenses. Choosing an ill-suited size for your business can compromise system performance and efficiency. But how do you determine the right chiller size for your workflow… Read more …


Chillers for Distilleries – Selecting the Proper Equipment

Chillers are versatile pieces of refrigeration machinery that cool liquid – usually a glycol/water mix, which is circulated to regulate the temperature of many different processes: distillation columns, mash coolers, heat exchangers, fermentation tanks, etc. When controlling the temperature and timing of your process matters most, an industrial chiller will provide the constant supply of… Read more …

Cold Plunge Chillers

Cold plunge pools and spas are becoming increasingly popular. They have long been used in Nordic style spas, but have seen more recent increased use in sports medicine hydrotherapy, replacing traditional ice baths. In addition to sports medicine hydrotherapy, cold plunge chillers are being used for residential pool cold plunge hydrotherapy spas.

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Process Chillers For Welding Cooling

Cooling is very important in welding operations, if done improperly costs can quickly add up. Keeping welding equipment properly cooled provides the following benefits: Uniform quality spot welds and the prevention of hot or mushroomed tips. Longer weld tip life, decreasing equipment down time. Maximizes uptime, by preventing SCRs from overheating.

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Chiller Applications in Breweries

From 5 gallon homebrew batches to 500 bbl brewing systems, cooling is an integral part in the brewing process. Brewing chillers can be as simple as copper tubing in an ice bath for home brewers or a heat exchanger for small craft breweries. As your brewery grows up, your brewing system needs a professional upgrade… Read more …

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Glycol Chillers for Breweries

There are a number of glycol chillers on the market and the terminology can get confusing when trying to select the proper unit for process cooling in your brewery. This post will help you understand some of the basic terminology, but it is for general informational purposes only. We highly recommend you contact us with… Read more …

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Water Cooled Aftercooler for Compressed Air Cooling

Our customer on this job performed an air audit on their compressed air system. During the audit it was determined that air leaving several of their compressors was at 130°F and the compressed air dryer receiving the air was only designed to handle 100°F. With water contaminating their compressed air system downstream and with the… Read more …

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Energy Saving Ambient Cooling Heat Reclaimation Units

This unit is designed to save you money on energy while simplifying your plant cooling needs. General Air Products’ ACHRU or Ambient Cooling Heat Reclamation Unit cools process flows close to ambient temperature using the most economical and mechanically simple methods available. ACHRU cooling units reclaim the heat given off from your process and use… Read more …