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Water Tanks

Water Tanks

Complementing our NFPA 13D Pump systems (Econo, Basic, Complete), General Air Products offers water storage tanks in all shapes and sizes.

Our standard tanks are 300 and 400 gallons in size and 29” wide to allow them to pass through a standard door opening. Additionally we have many vertical tanks (160 gallon) in stock. We also offer tanks from our supplier that range in size from 10 gallons to 2,000 gallons. We are very confident when we tell you that we can provide you with the tank you need!

An important part of our NFPA 13D water storage tank offering is our ability to cut and mount bulkhead fittings, add water level valves and even water level alarms. Trying to cut holes in water storage tanks in the field is a challenge for the inexperienced to say the least.

Have a look below at some of the custom storage tanks we have supplied in the past and contact us with your NFPA 13D water storage tank requirements.

110 gallon low profile tank with low and high water level alarms

300 Gallon Vertical water storage tank with bulkheads and high water level alarm installed

600 gallon, reinforced water storage tank for in-ground installation

Basic RFP System with three 300 gallon low profile tanks - ideal for storage in a crawlspace

Basic RFP System with two 1000 gallon tanks for large residential system

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