Packaged Air Cooled Chillers



Packaged Air Cooled Chiller

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Chiller Type Packaged
Condenser Type Air Cooled
Includes Pump Y
Includes Tank Y
Compressor Type Scroll
Number of Compressors 1
Fans 2
Pumps 1
Width (inches) 73.2″
Tank Volume (gallons) 67

The ACCPS101 Air Cooled Chiller has a cooling capacity of 9.8 Tons. The ACCPS101 can handle a heat load of 117,600 BTU/hr or 34.46 kW. This chiller features 2 fans, a scroll type compressor and includes the pump and tank. The tank holds 67 gallons.

General Air Products offers packaged air coolers from 0.5 ton (6,000 BTU/hr or 1.76 kW cooling capacity) up to 57.5 ton (690,000 BTU/hr or 202.22 kW).

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Weight 856 lbs