Packaged Air Cooled Chillers


SKU: accps702

Packaged Air Cooled Chiller

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SKU accps702
Chiller Type Packaged
Condenser Type Air Cooled
Includes Pump Y
Includes Tank Y
Fans 3

The ACCPS702 Air Cooled Chiller has a cooling capacity of 48.1 Tons. The ACCPS702 can handle a heat load of 577,200 BTU/hr or 169.16 kW. This chiller features 3 fans, a air cooled compressor and includes the pump and tank.

General Air Products offers a complete selection of standard and customizable air cooled chillers. Packaged units, split units, portable chillers units, and semi-hermetic units and fractional chillers round out our standard line. Have a look below at our features and benefits to see how our chillers stand apart from our competition. If your application requires a more unique solution our fluid handling engineers will be able to walk you through the design process then build the chiller to your exact needs.

Air Cooled Chiller Benefits

  • Fully Packaged with Integrated Pump and Tank
  • Lowest Operating Costs
  • Generous Operating Limits
  • Weatherproof Construction
  • Individually Tested for Assured Quality
  • Extremely Precise Water Temperature Control