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  • Revit Families and Engineering Submittal Packages Available For All Fire Protection Products

    Since 1936, the two pillars of the business we do at General Air Products have been quality products and customer service that goes above and beyond. The two come together with our Engineering Submittal Packages which we are happy to announce are now available for download. 

    Below, find links to our product pages, where engineers and designers are able to download all the files needed to spec the products you know and trust, including General Air Products’ full line of Air Compressors, Dry Air Generators, Nitrogen Generators, and Residential 13D Pump & Tank Systems into BIM Project Designs and Submittals. 

                Oil-Less Tank Mounted Air Compressor

    Air Compressors
    Oil-Less Riser Mount
    Oil-Less Tank Mount
    Lubricated Tank Mount
    Lubricated Base Mount

    Nitrogen Generators
    Wall Mount
    Floor Mount

    Dry Air Generators
    Dry Air Pac®

    13D Pump & Tanks
    Econo Pump 

    Provided for engineers and designers in the fire sprinkler industry, General Air’s Engineering Submittal Packages include everything necessary to easily incorporate our product models into your sprinkler system design layout in one easy-to-find location. 

    In one click, users will be able to download the following files for each model in our fire protection product lineup:

    • REVIT Families (RFA)
    • Written Specifications & AIA Licensed MasterSpec® (DOC)
    • Detailed CAD Drawings (DWG)
    • Cut Sheets & General Arrangement Drawings (PDF)

    Simply visit one of the product pages on our website, head to the model drop-down menu, and click on the zip file listed in the "Engineering Submittal Package" column.

    General Air Products continues to strive to be as supportive to engineers and designers within the industry as possible. As you build your fire sprinkler design projects, remember that General Air Products’ Engineering Submittal Packages are available to you and your team. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Call 800-345-8207 to speak with an engineer or customer service representative.

  • The Importance of Training in the Fire Protection Industry: Equipment Donation Across the U.S.

    Here at General Air Products, our motto is “Quality and Service since 1936” because those are the two aspects of our work we value most. If we were to sneak in a third, it would be an easy choice: Education. The importance of training within the fire protection industry is not an idea lost on us — in fact, it goes hand-in-hand with our motto: Part of providing great service to our customers and the industry at large is helping them to understand the ins and outs of the fire sprinkler system equipment they’re purchasing, installing, and using out in the field.

    Our Dry Air Pac at Red Deer College in Alberta, Canada

    There’s no better way to understand equipment than by getting hands-on training. We’ve spent a lot of time focused on expanding our own training facility, making sure it includes products from a variety of manufacturers and live equipment for both dry pipe and wet sprinkler systems.

    We know how valuable it is to have equipment donations for training facilities, come by our training facility and you will see what we mean. This is exactly why we’ve made it a priority to donate General Air Products equipment to other fire sprinkler training facilities in the United States and Canada.

    We’ve sent oil-less air compressors to the University of Maryland, several Sprinklermatic facilities throughout Florida, as well as union halls and contractor facilities all over NorthAmerica. Our nitrogen generators and dry air generators have made it up to Red Deer College in Alberta, Canada. Our 13D residential pump and tank systems, the H2hOme®, can be found on multiple mobile training / sprinkler awareness trailers that travel from event to event to educate and make the general public informed about the effectiveness of fire sprinklers in their homes.

    Training Sprinkler Fitters at the Local 692 Air Room on a General Air riser mounted oil less fire protection air compressor in Philadelphia, PA.

    Being a part of other organizations’ training efforts in the fire protection industry is a mission we’re dedicated to and hope to continue for a long time. If your training program is in need of equipment for a hands-on education, please don’t hesitate to reach out to discuss options.

    map of locations where General Air Products has donated equipment All the locations where General Air Products has donated equipment to training facilities.
  • Viking Virtual Fire Protection Showcase

    In these unprecedented times, the fire protection industry has had to get creative in figuring out ways to connect with one another and find innovative ways to provide information on products and trends. Under normal circumstances, a lot of this would happen at trade shows throughout the year. Since we’re unable to meet on the tradeshow floor, our long-time partners Viking Group Inc and Viking SupplyNet took the tradeshow virtual.

    On June 17, Viking invited a handful of companies to make presentations throughout the afternoon during the Virtual Fire Protection Showcase. We were thrilled to be among those presenters. We were able to give all attendees a tour of the Fire Sprinkler System Training Center at General Air Products and show everyone the updates and improvements we’ve been making within that space. Additionally, members of our sales department presented on General Air Products’ NFPA 13D residential pump and tank systems, our complete line of dry pipe system air compressors, as well as our specialized compressor products like our Dry Air Pacs and Nitrogen Generators

    Although we look forward to when we can meet with partners, customers, and friends within the industry face-to-face, the Virtual Fire Protection Showcase was a great opportunity to engage with everyone in a new way. To see our full Virtual Showcase presentation, be sure to watch the video below.

  • Chillers for Distilleries - Selecting the Proper Equipment

    Chillers in Distilleries are used to cool a number of different distillation processes in the distillery.

    Chillers are versatile pieces of refrigeration machinery that cool liquid – usually a glycol/water mix, which is circulated to regulate the temperature of many different processes: distillation columns, mash coolers, heat exchangers, fermentation tanks, etc. When controlling the temperature and timing of your process matters most, an industrial chiller will provide the constant supply of cooling fluid for the job.

    Why Do I Need a Chiller for My Distillery?

    Your chiller provides the cooling fluid to condense the vapors from your still, and cools mash down from the high temperatures of the cooking process. Historically, water was used to cool down the still – and in a few select distilleries, it’s done that way to this day. Most are now turning to chillers due to their rapid cooling capabilities as well as water conservation. Chillers allow the glycol/water mix to be run on a closed loop, meaning no waste. Additionally, the quicker the mash is cooled, the less potential there is for bacterial growth.

    What Should I Look For When Purchasing a Chiller?

    Chillers for Distilleries Our 12-Ton Packaged Air Cooled Chiller can handle a heat load of 142,800 BTU/hr or 41.85 kW. This model is commonly used by the distilleries we work with.

    First & foremost, make sure the chiller you’re being fit with has an adequate heat load. Also known as cooling capacity, the heat load is the rate at which a chiller can cool process fluid. We don't expect you to know how many BTUs/hr or kW you'll need to keep up (we'll help you there), but not all chillers are made to withstand the extreme temperature fluctuations that are used in the distilling process. Quickly cooling 150°F mash down to 80°F before fermentation can cause strain on chillers that aren’t properly sized.

    What Information Do I Need to Select the Proper Chiller?

    Each distillery we work with is unique, and requires different production schedules, space requirements, and plans for future growth. As soon as you’ve decided on the size of your still(s) and mash cooker, we’ll be able to start helping you design your distillery cooling system.

    Knowing when your equipment will be running will also play a big factor. For example, as your distillery grows, you may decide to increase production by adding a night shift – which would almost always call for a larger chiller than you originally purchased. Discussing your future growth plans with your process cooling technician could help save your distillery money long term, while easing potential strain on your chiller in the meantime.

    Bluebird Distilling in Phoenixville, PA is one of many expanding distilleries to have their cooling processes managed by General Air Products chillers. Their Rye is the fan favorite in our office!  Photo: Street and Stripes

    In a distillery, your chiller has multiple processes that need its constant support. As such, your cooling process should ideally be designed in with the rest of your distilling equipment and purchased at the same time you purchase your still. Discussing your cooling needs with engineers who know the distilling process is key to selecting the proper chiller. As one of the most versatile process cooling applications we serve (and one of our personal favorites!) we’re always here to hear your story, discuss your process, and fit you with the right chiller for your distillery. Give us a call, drop a comment below, or fill out a form on the right to speak with one of our process cooling techs today!

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