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  • General Air Products in the Community

    Recently, General Air Products had the opportunity to get involved in our community. Students at Owen J. Roberts High School came together to build a tiny house for a local organization as part of a school program to learn the basics of construction and design. There was one twist, though: The majority of the tiny house had to be built from reclaimed or repurposed materials. A tall order!

    With that in mind, General Air Products was thrilled to be able to donate fiberglass reinforced plastic paneling, insulation, and wood to help the students in this endeavor. The result of the students’ hard work can be seen in the included photo. We want to send a hearty congratulations to the kids of Owen J. Roberts High School. Thanks for letting General Air Products be a part of your project!

  • General Air Products Celebrates 80 Years


    GAP-HistoryGeneral Air Products Inc is proud to announce that 2016 is our 80th year in business. After all of these years and now with over 60 employees, General Air Products is still family owned and operated by the Fremont Family. Continue reading

  • Cold Plunge Chillers

    Cold plunge pools and spas are becoming increasingly popular. They have long been used in Nordic style spas, but have seen more recent increased use in sports medicine hydrotherapy, replacing traditional ice baths. In addition to sports medicine hydrotherapy, cold plunge chillers are being used for residential pool cold plunge hydrotherapy spas. Continue reading

  • Quiet Compressors for Pre-Action Systems

    In our other blog post, Air Compressors in Pre-Action Systems, we talked about the importance of selecting an air compressor built specifically for reliability in specialized applications. Today, we’d like to introduce our new Q Series as a perfect quiet air compressor for pre-action systems that are used in or near occupied spaces. Continue reading

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