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Dry Air Pac® Test Kit

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By using the Dry Air Test Kit you can always be sure that there are absolutely no ice plugs in your air stream.

The Dry Air Pac® Test Kit (Model DAP-TK) is a self contained device for visually monitoring moisture in air streams. The “Tester” consists of an adjustable needle valve. ASME safety relief valve and a sight glass gage housing containing moisture sensitive media. The media changes color in the presence of water vapor. When the media is blue, the air contains less than 20% moisture (relative humidity).

The media will change to pink when the moisture level in the air rises above 20% relative humidity. This means that ice plugs could be forming and you need to take action.

Typical installation is after an air dryer of any type, i.e. the Dry Air Pac®.


  • Made for simple installation with General Air Products’ Dry Air Pac®
  • Adjustable Needle Valve
  • ASME safety relief valve
  • Sight glass gauge
  • Color changing desiccant


The Dry Air Pac® test kit is highly recommended for any facility that has multiple Dry Air Pac® units running. It is designed to be a simple and immediate way to know that the Dry Air Pac® is performing properly in regard to moisture removal.

Dry Air Pac® Maintenance Kits

Proper maintenance such as regular oil, filter, and desiccant inspections and replacements are vital to the life and performance of the Dry Air Pac®. If a service plan is implemented to follow these simple maintenance procedures, you can count on excellent performance and a long life for the Dry Air Pac® and its systems.

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