Air Compressors

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General Air Products offers ASME Coded pressure vessels, compressed air tanks, and air receivers in addition to the ability to meet any custom requirements that call for tanks as small as 2″ in diameter at 3,000 PSI to as large as 120″ in diameter at 300 PSI.

Oil Water Separators

Air compressors produce considerable amounts of oil-contaminated condensate. This contamination must not be discharged directly into open drains, public sewers or natural watercourses. As a result, most countries now have environmental laws placing strict limits on the discharge of industrial effluent containing oil.

The low cost, effective solution is an oil/water separator from General Air Products. Installed as part of the compressed air system, it simply reduces the oil concentration in the condensate to permitted levels, so that clean water condensate can discharge safely into the drains. This leaves a relatively small amount of concentrated waste trapped in an encased cartridge to be disposed of by the most economic of legitimate means.