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Nitro-G3® Nitrogen Generators

Nitro-G3® Nitrogen Generators

General Air Products Nitro-G3® Nitrogen Generators are fully automated and operated via a simple to use touch screen interface. The automatic operation allows you to simply plug in the required settings and let the machine do all the work. The Nitro-G3® is also web enabled for off-site monitoring and email notifications making this the smartest, most efficient and dependable method of producing a minimum of 98% nitrogen at the point of usage. This will inhibit corrosion, improve the life of the system and lower maintenance costs. As always, all of our products are backed by the best lifetime customer service and technical support in the fire sprinkler industry.

Included With Nitro-G3® Units:

  • Smart Controller With HMI Touch Screen
  • Fully Automated Operation
  • Web Enabled For Off-Site Monitoring
  • Email Connectivity For Notifications
  • Fire Protection Air Compressor
  • ASME Coded Air & Nitrogen Storage Tanks
  • SmartWire Technology
    • The Nitro-G3® is fully automated and operated by a simple to use touch screen interface. The touch screen display has video capabilities for assistance with maintenance procedures. Detailed parameters can be monitored, history reports can be viewed, system tests can be run and much more - all with the push of a button. The Nitro-G3® is simply the smartest, most advanced fire protection nitrogen generator designed for the sprinkler industry.

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Nitro-G3® Nitrogen Generators

Model Maintenance Capacity
Fill  Capacity
Cut Sheet Spec Files, Drawings & 3D Models General Arrangement
NGP-G3-500 1275 500 [pdf]    
NGP-G3-500Q 1275 500 [pdf]    
NGP-G3-1000-M1 1275 925 [pdf]    
NGP-G3-1000-M2 3880 925 [pdf]    
NGP-G3-1000-M3 6500 925 [pdf]    
NGP-G3-2200-M3 6500 2350 [pdf]    
NGP-G3-2200-M4 13000 2350 [pdf]    
NGP-G3-2200-M5 22000 2350 [pdf]    
  • HMI Touch Screen Display
  • Fully Automated For Simplified Operation
  • Web Enabled For Off-Site Monitoring & Reports
  • Email Connectivity - Alarm & Maintenance Notifications
  • 98% Nitrogen Purity Standard
  • Fire Protection Air Compressor
  • Quiet Air Compressor Available
  • Turn-key Design for Easy Installation
  • Requires Only One Power Connection
  • Premium Nitrogen Membranes
  • Air Treatment Filtration
  • Bypass & Leak Alarms
  • Nitrogen & Air Storage Tanks
  • Lifetime Customer Service & Technical Support
  1. NGP-G3-230Q


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  2. NGP-G3-2200-M4


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  3. NGP-G3-2200-M3


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  4. NGP-G3-1000-M3


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  5. NGP-G3-1000-M2


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  6. NGP-G3-1000-M1


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  7. NGP-G3-500Q


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  8. NGP-G3-500


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  9. NGP-G3-300


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  10. NGP-G3-2200-M5


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