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Compressed Air & Gas Filters

Compressed Air & Gas Filters

General Air Treatment offers a complete line of compressed air and gas filtration products. Our International H-Series, designed to remove oil, water and solids, is the right solution for most compressed air and gas applications.

General Air Treatment also offers over 2000 competitor interchange elements. These conversion elements are the high quality, exact fit alternative to high priced elements.

View the element details below to begin the selection process for the filter that best fits your needs. If you do not find what you are looking for in our online store, please contact us, as our complete product line is more extensive than our online offering.

“WS” Water Separator Element

Rolled stainless steel mesh element for hi-volume liquid retention, low pressure drop and long life.


Filter & Housing Model # Port Size Flow Rating (CFM) Thread Replacement Filter Model #
HXN1A-WSA 1/4" 15 NPT Threaded WSHXAK
HXN15B-WSA 3/8" 35 NPT Threaded WSHXBK
HXN2BH-WSA 1/2" 50 NPT Threaded WSHXBHK
HXN3C-WSA 3/4" 100 NPT Threaded WSHXCK
HXN4D-WSY 1" 180 NPT Threaded WSHXDK
HXN5E-WSY 1 1/4" 320 NPT Threaded WSHXEK
HXN6E-WSY 1 1/2"  320 NPT Threaded WSCHXEK
HXN8F-WSY 2" 430 NPT Threaded WSHXFK
HXN10H-WSY 2 1/2" 650 NPT Threaded WSHXHK
HXN12J-WSY 3" 900 NPT Threaded WSHXJK

“C” or “CU” Coalescing Element

Inside-to-out flow path for good liquid separation and particulate filtration. Varying grades to suit individual needs.


Filter & Housing Model # Port Size Flow Rating (CFM) Thread Replacement Filter Model #
HXN1A-6CA 1/4" 15 NPT Threaded 6CHXAK
HXN15B-6CA 3/8" 35 NPT Threaded 6CHXBK
HXN2BH-6CA 1/2" 50 NPT Threaded 6CHXBHK
HXN3C-6CA 3/4" 100 NPT Threaded 6CHXCK
HXN4D-6CY 1" 180 NPT Threaded 6CHXDK
HXN5E-6CY 1 1/4" 320 NPT Threaded 6CHXEK
HXN6E-6CY 1 1/2"  320 NPT Threaded 6CHXEK
HXN8F-6CY 2" 430 NPT Threaded 6CHXFK
HXN10H-6CY 2 1/2" 650 NPT Threaded 6CHXHK
HXN12J-6CY 3" 900 NPT Threaded 6CHXJK

“3P” Particulate Filter Element

Outside-to-inside flow path for increased surface area where high dirt holding capability and fine pore structure are required.


Filter & Housing Model # Port Size Flow Rating (CFM) Thread Replacement Filter Model #
HXN1A-3PN 1/4" 15 NPT Threaded 3PHXAK
HXN15B-3PN 3/8" 35 NPT Threaded 3PHXBK
HXN2BH-3PN 1/2" 50 NPT Threaded 3PHXBHK
HXN3C-3PN 3/4" 100 NPT Threaded 3PHXCK
HXN4D-3PG 1" 180 NPT Threaded 3PHXDK
HXN5E-3PG 1 1/4" 320 NPT Threaded 3PHXEK
HXN6E-3PG 1 1/2"  320 NPT Threaded 3PHXEK
HXN8F-3PG 2" 430 NPT Threaded 3PHXFK
HXN10H-3PG 2 1/2" 650 NPT Threaded 3PHXHK
HXN12J-3PG 3" 900 NPT Threaded 3PHXJK

“A” Carbon Absorber Element

Flow path outside-to-inside for odor and trace oil vapor removal metal retainer for strength and outer fabric layer for optimal retention.

  • One of the most extensive filter lines for compressed air and gas in the industry
  • Port sizes from ¼” – 3” NPT, BSPF, BSPT available
  • Flange sized from 3” – 16” ASME vessels
  • Flows up to 37,000 scfm
  • High temperature and high pressure capabilities
  • Stainless steel construction available
  • Coalescing, particulate, absorber and water separating element construction
  • Low-pressure differential element designs
  • Filtration quality (capture rates) to:
    • 0.008 ppmw oil carryover
    • 0.01 micron particle size
    • Efficiencies to 99.97% in the difficult 0.3 – 0.6 micron particle size
  • Housings in different dimensions to suit most needs
  • Various Medias and end seals to accommodate specific jobsite requirements
  • Drain, pressure differential monitoring and other options to meet most requirements
  • Inline, instrumentation, breathing air, F-R-L’s, steam, vacuum, high-pressure and gas-sampling filters are all available
  • Replacement elements for other manufacturer’s housing also available

OEM, high-volume or resale customers should contact the factory for special pricing where applicable.

Note: All orders must be $50.00 or more.

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