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Medical Chillers

Medical Chillers

Air and Water Cooled Chillers for Medical Equipment Cooling

Medical imaging equipment like MRI machines, CT scanners, LINAC machines require a reliable source of cooling at all times. General Air Products offers standard and customized chillers to meet this requirement reliably and efficiently.

In the chart below you will find a list of common medical imaging equipment model numbers along side their heat load and our recommended standard chiller to meet the cooling requirement. If you do not see your specific model listed please call or email us with any information you can provide and we will get back to you with the medical chiller that is the best fit.

Also, consider the use of an automatic city water bypass in conjunction with your medical imaging equipment cooling strategy. The bypass will provide cooling from city water – instead of recirculating through the glycol loop in the chiller – in the event of a problem. Contact us for more information.

Linac Cooling MRI Coolong


Manufacturer Model Type BTU General Air
Chiller Model
Elekta SI75/5 LINAC 36,000 ACCPS031
Elscint CT Twin Scan   36,000 ACCPS031
Elscint Gytex V MRI MRI 36,000 ACCPS031
GE Discovery MR450 MRI 238,000 ACCPS251
GE Discovery MR750 MRI 238,840 ACCPS251
GE Discovery MR750W MRI 238,840 ACCPS251
GE Discovery STE 16MeV Cyclotron PET / CT 238,000 ACCPS251
GE Horizon MRI 24,000 ACCPS020
GE MINItrace Cyclotron PET 103,000 ACCPS101
GE Optima MR450W MRI 167,188 ACCPS161
GE PETtrace Cyclotron PET 239,000 ACCPS251
GE Reddy Labs Cyclotron MRI 360,000 ACCPS402
GE Signa 1.5T Excite MRI 28,320 ACCPS031
GE Signa 3.0T MR750 MRI 238,800 ACCPS251
Philips *models with Riedel exchanger cabinet   140,000 ACCPS121
Philips Achieva 3T Tesla   180,000 ACCPS201
Philips Apollo (Marconi Medical)   75,000 ACCPS081
Philips Eclipse (Marconi Medical)   75,000 ACCPS081
Philips Eclipse 1.5T   25,000 ACCPS020

Eclipse 1.5T (Picker)

  90,000 ACCPS081
Philips Infinion 1.5T (Marconi Medical)   88,000 ACCPS081
Philips MX8000 (Marconi Medical)   32,400 ACCPS031
Philips Outlook   66,536 ACCPS081
Philips Panorama   95,200 ACCPS101
Philips PD100/150 (Marconi Medical)   75,000 ACCPS081
Philips PD200 (Marconi Medical)   75,000 ACCPS081
Philips PD3000 (Marconi Medical)   90,000 ACCPS081
Philips Polaris (Marconi Medical) MRI 68,400 ACCPS081
Philips Proview   95,700 ACCPS101
Siemens Avanto MRI 204,724 ACCPS251
Siemens Cyclotron - CTI PETNet   60,000 ACCPS081
Siemens Cyclotron RDS111   75,000 ACCPS081
Siemens Evolution CT   37,500 ACCPS031
Siemens Harmony MRI 153,684 ACCPS161
Siemens Magnetom Impact MRI 27,325 ACCPS020
Siemens Magnetom Espree (63Kw) MRI 214,964 ACCPS251
Siemens Magnetom Harmony / Symphony (CCS Air Version) MRI 85,325 ACCPS081
Siemens Magnetom Vision MRI 68,305 ACCPS081
Siemens Mevatron M Class LINAC 20,472 ACCPS020
Siemens Mevatron Primus   102,400 ACCPS101
Siemens Mevatron R Class LINAC 92,210 ACCPS101
Siemens Magnetom Open MRI 75,000 ACCPS081
Siemens Open Viva MRI 85,380 ACCPS081
Siemens Plus 4 CT   32,414 ACCPS031
Siemens Quantom 1.5T MRI 153,684 ACCPS161
Siemens Sensation 16   37,533 ACCPS031
Siemens Sensation 64CT CT 51,182 ACCPS051
Siemens Somatom Hi Q CT CT 25,600 ACCPS020
Siemens Somatom Plus 4CT / Plus 4 Power/Expert CT 43,000 ACCPS051
Siemens Somatom Plus / Plus S CT 25,600 ACCPS020
Siemens Sonata MRI 170,650 ACCPS161
Siemens Symphony MRI 153,684 ACCPS161
Siemens Trio MRI 170,650 ACCPS161
Siemens Vision MRI 92,210 ACCPS101
Varian 23EX iX Trilogy LINAC 85,379 ACCPS081
Varian CLINAC 4/100 LINAC 23,900 ACCPS020
Varian CLINAC 6/100 LINAC 23,900 ACCPS020
Varian CLINAC 600C LINAC 23,900 ACCPS020
Varian Clinac 1800 LINAC 85,379 ACCPS081
Varian Clinac 18R LINAC 85,379 ACCPS081
Varian Clinac 2100 C/D LINAC 85,379 ACCPS081
Varian Clinac 2300 C/D LINAC 85,379 ACCPS081
Varian Novalis Tx LINAC 85,379 ACCPS081

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