Medical Chiller showing MRI system

Air Cooled Chiller Applications

We can offer a solution to any cooling application with a packaged, out-of-the-box solution or a competitively priced customized unit. Delve deeper into our air cooled chiller offering by using the links below or call 888-863-7389 to speak with a process cooling expert today.


System quenching is when liquid helium or cryogen, used to cool the superconducting electromagnet in most medical imaging equipment, becomes overheated and boils to a gas. This gas is then bled out of the system usually through some sort of external vent. A common cause of quenching is equipment malfunction in the cooling system.


Few other pieces of equipment in your brewing outfit are as important as your chiller. Gycol chillers are at the helm of many brewing processes including the fermentation process, wort cooling, crash cooling, circulation cooling between tanks and stills, and storage of your final product.


There are many factors to consider when designing a cooling solution for any application. One that is often of critical importance is environment. It is typically hot or cold where the unit is to be operated? High or low altitude? Is it a caustic or dirty environment? Or in the case of this job for a mobile military radar cooling application – is the environment land or sea based?

Cooling LINAC and CT Scanners

Medical imaging equipment like MRI machines, CT scanners, LINAC machines require a reliable source of cooling at all times. General Air Products offers standard and customized chillers to meet this requirement reliably and efficiently.


The design of this unit is an excellent example of General Air Products’ design ability vs. that of our competition. The customer we built this unit for required a cooling solution for hydraulic fluid in their test and measuring lab equipment.


Cooling is very important in welding operations, if done improperly costs can quickly add up. Keeping welding equipment properly cooled provides the following benefits. Uniform quality spot welds and the prevention of hot or mushroomed tips. Longer weld tip life, decreasing equipment down time. Maximizes uptime, by preventing SCRs from overheating.


Our engineers used a standard 6 ton air cooled chiller and added a pressure switch, back pressure regulator, flow meter, liquid gauge and the necessary piping to create a chiller suited to meet the cooling demands of our customers water brake type absorber dynamometer application.