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Air Cooled Chiller for Linear Accelerator (LINAC)

General Air Products has extensive experience building chillers and cooling systems for the medical industry. One medical industry application  we frequently see involves cooling for linear accelerators or LINAC. The chiller we designed fro this particular linear accelerator application has a 2 1/2 ton cooling capacity and includes a flow monitor, a fused disconnect and two line filters (50 micron) to allow for ease of servicing the chiller while the linear accelerator is still running.

One additional feature worth note is a city water switch-over / bypass. We include this feature on many of our medical cooling applications due to the vital role cooling plays in the function of the process – in this case the uninterrupted operation of the linear accelerator. The city water switch-over provides an automatic switch to city water for cooling the LINAC in the event of a cooling failure. This will keep the linear accelerator safe from destructive heat buildup.

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