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Air Cooled Chiller for Welding Application

One big point we try to get across to our customers is that custom does not mean costly. This job is a great example of that idea. The picture to the left is one of our standard air cooled chillers, an ACCT140, with the addition of ambient air filters. The customer for this job approached us about their cooling need for an automatic welding machine being run at their steel tube manufacturing plant.

They expressed their concern to our engineering team about the unexpectedly short life span of their previous chiller used for cooling the welding process. We learned from this conversation that the environment our chiller is entering is very dirty and in an enclosed, cramped area of their manufacturing floor. The issue with their previous chiller quickly became apparent. The throw-off from the welding process coupled with minimal venting meant that the dirty ambient air was being pulled into the chiller, ultimately destroying it.

The welding process is a dirty one; chillers and dirty environments don’t mix well. Our engineering team recommended a simple, inexpensive custom option to avoid this problem – ambient air filters. The filters catch most of the dust thrown off from the welding process allowing the chiller to do it’s job without a reduction in it’s operating efficiency.

Contact us today to discuss you welding application cooling needs or to find out how a small but important customization to one of our chillers could mean big savings for you and your process!