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Air Cooled Linear Accelerator Chiller – Custom Equipment Profile

Linear Accelerator Air Cooled ChillerWhen using a linear accelerator to treat patients, precision is everything. When materials within your linear accelerator begin to heat up the unit can lose precision and ultimately succumb to physical damage, if not properly cooled. At General Air Products, we understand what’s at stake when it comes to the proper operation of your facility’s linear accelerator. By using one of our industrial grade air cooled chillers, you will save time and money while ensuring the long life and precise operation of your accelerator.

Right now, the internal loop that cools your linear accelerator is running on city water. Even when the accelerator is on stand-by, the internal electronics are creating heat, and the cooled city-water loop is running. By switching to General’s closed loop chiller system that internally recycles chiller water, you immediately eliminate the constant use of city water and immediately start saving money.

The switch from city water to an air cooled chiller will also benefit you by lowering the maintenance to your linear accelerator. By recycling clean chiller water rather than using city water (and the contaminates that come with it), you increase the life of your accelerator while decreasing maintenance and repair costs as the accelerator’s internal heat exchanger will no longer be polluted.

It sounds like an easy decision, right? Well, it gets even better. General Air Products has closed loop air cooled chillers for linear accelerator applications in stock and ready for shipment.

As you can see, the simple addition of a General Air Products’ industrial grade chiller to your equipment has numerous benefits. Contact our team of process cooling experts today for assistance sizing a chiller for your system.