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City Water Bypass – Air and Water Cooled Chiller Option

Shown here is a city water bypass manufactured by General Air Products for use with our air cooled chillers and water cooled chillers. The city water bypass consists of a series of solenoid valves that are attached to the chiller, to the cooling loop and the city water inlet. If the chiller were to see an alarm, a loss of power or when required maintenance is taking place the city water bypass allows cooling to continue for the process during that time.

A city water bypass is a very common option for our customers who can not afford downtime on their cooling water supply. To find out more about our city water bypass and our other standard chiller options please don’t hesitate to contact us by the contact forms on this page or by calling 800-345-8207.

Please use the links on the right in the “Custom Product Links” to read about some of our chiller applications where a city water bypass was utilized.