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Compressor and Dryer Package for NASA

If you think that a compressor dryer package that looks like this belongs in outer space you would be close. The unit shown here was designed for NASA for use with the space shuttle just before take-off. It is the combination of many familiar components (air compressor, desiccant dryer to name a few) with the additional elements of NEMA-4 (weather-proof) and NEMA-7 (explosion-proof) requirements – all on a portable platform.

Also included in this self contained desiccant drying unit is an oil less air compressor for low contamination and low maintenance, an integral cooler and dryer for -40 degree F dewpoint at pressure. A dewpoint monitoring and alarm system. A custom high and low pressure cyclical control system was put in place to ensure electrical cables were purged with dry air to prevent system failure as a result of moisture.

We are very proud to say that there is one of these units sitting next to the space shuttle at both Cape Canaveral and Vandenburg AFB.

The next time you need a trip to the moon we suggest you choose to work with the experts at NASA. The next time you need a reliable solution for dry air we suggest you call the experts at General Air Products – after all the experts at NASA did.