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Gas Dehydration System for Oil & Gas Industry

We designed this three section Gas Dehydration System for a customer in the oil and gas industry for installation in the desert outside of Bakersfield, CA. Our customer is using a steam injection process in diatomite which contains heavy, biodegraded oil. During this process gasses are released that need to be piped to a separate process. The problem our customer faced was the corrosion in the piping that the gas traveled along. The system we built is designed to dehydrate this gas thereby eliminating the corrosion. This is quite a complicated task compounded by size of the piping, the need for construction to earthquake proof standards mandatory in California, and the ability to run for long periods of time in the desert heat.

The fluid handling engineering team at General Air Products was able to design and build to all of these requirements. Some of the more prominent components incorporated into this design include: stainless steel heat exchangers and separators, stainless steel tank and pumps (not shown in pictures), control boxes, herocite coating on the chiller section as well as a stainless steel fused disconnect, rigid conduit throughout and pressure / temperature transducers.