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Glycol Fill Station designed to hold positive pressure in a closed cooling loop.

This glycol fill station was built for use in a closed cooling loop in a mining application. It was built in conjunction with a customized high altitude fan air cooled chiller that makes up part of said cooling loop.

We have designed and built several glycol fill stations as they make good sense from a maintenance standpoint when they are put to use in a large operation. Maintaining the correct level of glycol in a large closed loop cooling system, one spanning the length of a mine or in a large industrial process, can be time consuming and costly. By employing a glycol fill station such as this a large closed loop process can be maintained at the correct pressure despite small leaks and drops in pressure.

This glycol fill station uses a 1/3 hp pump, a 65 gallon tank working in conjunction with a pressure switch. When the glycol fill station is tied to the system the tank is filled with glycol where the level can be monitored visually. When the pressure switch detects a drop in pressure in the closed loop cooling system it will signal the pump to activate and flow the tank’s glycol into the loop until the correct pressure is achieved.

In this particular application the customer requested a sheet metal enclosure due to the dirty mining environment. A tank overflow was also added to the tank allowing the customer to run a drainage line from it so that in the event of overfill the unit would not be damaged.

A glycol fill station is a simple and effective solution for saving money from a maintenance perspective. When your process depends on
a large closed loop cooling system a glycol fill station from General Air Products is the best way to ensure long term system integrity!

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