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Heresite Coating on Air Cooled Chiller

Corrosive and dirty environments pose many challenges for industrial equipment. Often standard units just won’t last, and some customization is required. When we were approached by a customer who extracts minerals for fertilizer and feed stock from salt water we were acutely aware that corrosion was going to be the issue and heresite coating on an air cooled chiller would be the solution.

The customer needed reliable cooling supplied to their drive cabinet located right in the middle of this corrosive environment. While most standard chillers could meet the process requirements, most could not last long doing so. Our engineering team decided on a heresite coating for the condenser on the air intake site of the chiller. The dark part of the chiller shows the exposed heresite coating (it is then covered with two stainless steel filters to block debris, one is removed to highlight the heresite coated condenser).

With the heresite coating in place – a relatively simple and inexpensive customization – this air cooled chiller is ready to reliably cool the drive cabinet in a salt and mineral rich corrosive environment.

Please contact us with your applications in corrosive environments, for more information about heresite coating or for more information about cooling dive cabinets.