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Motor Starters

Compressor Motor Overload Protection

Internal, External and Why it is ALWAYS Recommended Before we begin on the titled subject understand that this article will focus on why we at General Air Products recommend a motor starter for overload protection with every unit. If you would like to know more about what a motor starter is please view our motor… Read more …

Low Pressure vs High Pressure Compressors

Jump To: Standard Pressure Compressors Low Pressure Compressors High Pressure Compressors Standard Pressure Air Compressors General Air Products’ air compressors have two standard or factory pressure settings, depending on the type of compressor you select for your dry pipe system: 1.) Oil Less Air Compressors: After the initial system pressurization or fill, our OL &… Read more …

a blue marathon air compressor with copper pipes attached to it

Questions from Customers – Mounting a Compressor on a Riser

On June 15, 2011 we received an email from Michael Perrin a representative for a condominium in Surrey, B.C. Canada regarding the mounting of an air compressor to the fire protection systems’ riser. Michael asks: “We had an air compressor installed by our local fire protection contractor. The compressor was attached to the riser by… Read more …