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Thermal Camera Cooling in Furnace and Oven Applications

It is not uncommon for processes that involve a furnace or high temperature oven to have a built in viewing port where a thermal camera is installed to take images of the product as it passes through. What is uncommon are the temperatures that require cooling –  temperatures of 1500 degrees F are often reached. Temperatures like this would melt the camera or damage the lens at the very least.  Obviously cooling is required to protect the thermal imaging camera.

This compact air fluid cooler was designed for just such a task. The cooler itself has a 22,000 BTU/hr cooling capacity and the unit also contains an ASME tank and a 1/2 HP pump to pump the cooling fluid at 6 gmp / 60 psig.

By cooling the area around the camera lens with this air fluid cooler we are able to keep the intense heat away from the lens so that the camera can operate as needed.