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Water Cooled Aftercooler for Compressed Air Cooling

Our customer on this job performed an air audit on their compressed air system. During the audit it was determined that air leaving several of their compressors was at 130°F and the compressed air dryer receiving the air was only designed to handle 100°F. With water contaminating their compressed air system downstream and with the performance and durability of the dryers at risk they decided to contact the experts at General Air Products for a cooling solution in the form of a water cooled aftercooler.

How to Cool Compressed Air with an Aftercooler

The water cooled aftercooler pictured here consists of a shell and tube heat exchanger, a separator and a drain valve. It is designed to cool the air from the compressor down to a level where the dryer can operate efficiently.

If you have a closed loop water system in your facility a water cooled aftercooler is a great cooling solution. A water cooled aftercooler requires no power or maintenance, does not add hot air to the operating environment and it allows you to spend much less on the aftercooler itself (versus purchasing an air cooled aftercooler).

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