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Wall Mount Nitrogen Generators

Wall Mount Nitrogen Generators

General Air Products Wall Mount Nitrogen Generators utilize a simple, low-profile design ready to be connected to a new or existing fire sprinkler system. Each Wall Mount Nitrogen Generator includes a QUIET fire protection air compressor, a 30 gallon nitrogen storage tank and a PLC controller for data recording and simplified operation. Click Here for Cut Sheet

Included With Wall Mount Units:

  • QUIET Fire Protection Air Compressor
  • PLC Controller For Data Recording & Simplified Operation
  • Wall Mounting Bracket Kit
  • Portable Nitrogen Analyzer
  • 30” Stainless Steel Flex Hose
Proposition 65

Wall Mount Nitrogen Generators

Model Maintenance Capacity
Fill  Capacity
Cut Sheet Spec Files, Drawings & 3D Models General Arrangement
NGP-WM850 850 135 [pdf] [zip] [pdf]
NGP-WM1100 1100 215 [pdf] [zip] [pdf]
  • 98% Nitrogen Purity Standard
  • QUIET Fire Protection Air Compressor
  • Turn-key Design for Easy Installation
  • Requires Only One Power Connection
  • Premium Nitrogen Membranes
  • Mounting Brackets (Wall or Floor)
  • Air Treatment Filtration
  • Bypass & Leak Alarms
  • Vertical Nitrogen Storage Tank
  • Pressure Controls & Gauges
  • Relief, Check, & Isolation Valves
  • Portable Nitrogen Analyzer
  • 30” Stainless Steel Flex Hose
  • Lifetime Customer Service & Technical Support
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