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Cell Phone Videos as a Fire Protection Air Compressor Troubleshooting Tool

Your cell phone camera can be as valuable of a tool as anything else in your truck!

Recently we were contacted by a customer on the phone with a technical support issue on one of our oil less fire protection air compressors where, collectively, we were having trouble identifying the source of the problem. What seemed to be a straightforward short cycling issue was being described with a variety of symptoms that our tech’s decided were out of the norm.

Normally we would begin the returned good process at this stage since we could not identify to problem over the phone. However, before going further we asked the contractor to send us a video of the problem as the compressor was still running – below is that video:

By reviewing the video we were able to establish that there was a problem with the check valve that caused a problem with the unloader on the pressure switch. These problems more than likely came about due to a lack of air volume between the compressor and the DPV check valve – the most typical cause of short cycling.

This video helped us to identify and recommend replacement parts – check valve, pressure switch and riser tank kit – and avoid a complete compressor replacement.-

We encourage all of our customers to contact us directly for technical support (800-345-8207) when our fire protection air compressors are not preforming the way you expect them to, take pictures and video of the problem you are having while the compressor is still installed whenever possible. Send them to your territory representative directly or establish contact on the tech support line to begin troubleshooting directly from the riser room to the manufacturer!