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Chillers for Hydraulic Cooling

A recent customer approached General Air Products’ engineering team with a unique hydraulic cooling application. Our customer observed that his hydraulics were getting so hot during a long-duration test cycle that heat given off was contaminating the results of their testing.

Keeping your hydraulic system cool is critical for your equipment to run and test loads at optimum levels. Keeping your hydraulic system cool is critical to the engineering team at General Air Products, too. Our process cooling engineers have designed many standard and custom chillers for use in sensitive hydraulic system applications. An efficient and reliable chiller, designed to handle varying load conditions, is a necessity for your hydraulic equipment to perform efficiently.

Not only are our pump and tank packaged together, but our chillers also come with a tank-mounted evaporator. The tank mounted evaporator reduces unit dimensions to make for a smaller footprint and more importantly, ensures a steady / controllable tight leaving fluid  temperature range. As the chiller cycles, there is a consistent temperature for the supply of cold water that will be circulated through the loop-in-loop exchange,  removing heat from the process as well as returning large energy savings.

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