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Chillers for Wine Making, Processing & Fermentation

A leading manufacturer of equipment for the industrial refrigeration and process cooling markets, General Air Products specializes in providing products designed to meet the unique requirements of a wine processing and storage application.

This application experience, coupled with our technically superior, highly efficient products translates to consistent, high quality wine production benefiting both processors and consumers.

industrial wine chillers

Advantages of Process Chillers for Wine Making

  • Prevents clouding or browning during fermentation
  • Quick to chill to  20-25°F (chills to 5°F if necessary)
  • Inexpensive complete system with enclosed cabinet
  • Small footprint of 30” x 22”
  • Caster wheels can be optioned where mobility is needed
  • Self-contained system with pump & tank

Excellent Wine Requires Excellent Temperature Control

Certainly, the production of wine is a complicated mixture of art and science. Color, flavor and aroma-characteristics that define a quality wine-rely as much on the technical expertise and experience of the winemaker as on the grapes themselves.

Precise process temperature control is one of the most critical technical requirements of modern wine making.It allows high volume production while insuring that the unique character of the final product is consistently attained.

Temperature control is also an important factor in the preservation of wine to insure the consistent quality required to allow worldwide distribution in today’s global market. General Air Products’ chillers give you that control.

Our Products & More Information

General Air Products offers a wide variety of standard chiller models in capacities ranging from 1.2 ton to over 350 tons allowing us the flexibility to offer cooling solutions to wine makers of all sizes. Furthermore General Air Products excels in the design and construction of custom chillers designed to meet the demands of even the most unique wine cooling application.

Click here to view our Chillers for Wine Cooling Applications brochure which details the many ways our chillers and our expertise will benefit your wine cooling process.