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It’s Time to Get Alarmed – Utilizing the RFP System’s Alarm Contacts

Utilizing the RFP System’s Alarm Contacts

We are often asked about the availability of alarm contacts in our RFP systems as many fire protection contractors and home owners would like their system to provide a wide variety of alarms. Fortunately the engineering team behind the design of the RFP System had the forethought to provide several options regarding alarms: standard audible alarm, flow switch “dry contacts” alarm terminal, and a pump run “hot contact” terminal.

On the Basic RFP System and the Complete RFP System there is an audible alarm that is wired to the flow switch. The audible alarm will sound anytime there is flow from the unit for approximately 20 seconds.

The flow switch is a standard feature on these system types (currently there is no alarm or flow switch on the Econo RFP System). This flow switch offers a second set of dry contacts as seen in the picture.

Flow Switch for the RFP System - Residential Fire Protection Pump SystemFor those that don’t know, a “dry contact” must be supplied with power. When you bring external power to the dry contact in our flow switch the switch will then be capable of sending a signal to any device that is attached, for example a fire bell, light or a more sophisticated alarm panel. (“Dry contact” block rating: 10.0 AMP @125/250 VAC, 2.0 AMP @ 30 VDC Resisitive, 10 mAMPS min. @ 24 VDC)

Typically we recommend wiring these types of devices to the flow switch as it has a built in delay of about 20 seconds. What this means is that the alarm that you tie to the dry contact on the flow switch will not go off every time the pump turns over to compensate for a minor pressure drop in the system, only when there is consistent flow for approximately 20 seconds or more – a homeowner is sure to appreciate this!

The Basic RFP System and Complete RFP Systems also offer a third alarm option in the form of a “hot contact” in the control box.RFP System Control Panel and Hot Contact - Residential Fire Protection Pumping System for NFPA 13D This contact, as seen in the picture, does not require external power to be brought to it. It can be used in the same capacity as the dry contact on the flow switch but there are two key differences, 1) the hot contact is 115V only, there is no voltage flexibility there (also the AMP rating can not exceed the AMP rating of the pump), 2) the hot contact is a “pump run” contact. “Pump Run Contact” means that the alarm tied to this contact will be signaled each time the pump turns on (there is no delay, when the pump runs, even for a second the alarm is signaled).

If you would like more information about wiring to the flow switch or about our alarm contact options please email us or call 800.345.8207 and asking for technical support.