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Nitrogen Generator Packages

General Air Products has been contacted frequently about nitrogen generators and that contact has increased greatly over the past year. As such we are responding to industry demand with our own line – the GeN2Pac is a new line of nitrogen generators for the industrial process market.

While the nitrogen generators themselves are a new product we have been involved with the technology for several years. We have designed compressor / dryer packages for use with nitrogen generators, offered a line of filters for use with nitrogen generators and consulted on several projects that included their use. Now we can offer the entire package.

The nitrogen generator package shown here was designed for use in a fire protection industry application where the nitrogen is used to reduce corrosion and inhibit MIC growth in the fire sprinkler piping. However nitrogen generators are used in all types of industries including:

  • Aircraft – fuel tank inerting and tire and strut filling
  • Aluminum die casting
  • Autoclaves
  • Food processing – bacteria elimination
  • Beverage mixing and dispensing
  • Bottling
  • Brazing
  • Cable splice drying
  • Coffee producing and packaging
  • Controlled atmosphere storage
  • Fruit storage
  • Gas blanketing control
  • Heat treating
  • Laser cutting
  • Laser welding
  • Leak checking
  • Packaging
  • Perishable transportation
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Pipe corrosion protection
  • Printing
  • Tire inflation
  • Winemaking and wine processing

Contact us today for more information about the GeN2Pac line of nitrogen generators from General Air Products!