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Portable Chillers of All Sizes

One customization that we see very often is portability. We have made portable chillers large and small for all different types of processes, most commonly in wine making applications and for laboratory use.

Pictured here is a standard 25 ton chiller with a reinforced frame and caster wheels. For smaller portable chillers there is usually no need to add the reinforced frame as the materials of our chillers are quite durable. However on a larger unit such as this the reinforced frame will increase the life of the unit.

If you have a need for a chiller at multiple points in a process or periodically at different points in the same process General Air Products offers a portable chiller that will meet your needs.

Believe it or not we have designed and built a 120 ton portable chiller system as well – though you may have to adjust your definition of portability. This portable chiller system for remote data center cooling is designed to be moved from one location to another throughout it’s life.