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Pump Station & Tank System for Pipe Coating Application

A customer in the pipe fabrication industry required a pumping station and cooling solution for their pipe coating process. The process demands were such that a unique solution was required to meet their immediate needs at the same time they needed to give future expansion of the pipe coating operations a special consideration. They contacted the pump and cooling experts at General Air Products. After an analysis of their pipe coating process our engineering team decided on an off-the shelf 35 Ton air cooled chiller to meet their process cooling needs. A Pumping Station was designed and built to suit was well. The pumping station was designed with a simplified control box, a 5 HP high pressure pump, a 1 1/2 HP recirculation pump and a 90 gallon insulated tank to suit the customers need to pull multiple feeds from the cooling process. The pump and tank skid was also designed to allow for the simple addition of a future pump for when the expansion of the customers process becomes necessary. General Air Products’ team of process cooling engineers were successful in meeting this customers immediate needs, future needs, and efficiency requirements. Contact us today for more information on our custom pumping station capabilities.