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Packaged Air Cooled Chillers

Packaged Air Cooled Chillers

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General Air Products offers a line of air cooled chillers packaged with pumps, a tank and microprocessor controls. Our packaged air cooled chiller line is offered in a variety of sizes from ½ ton cooling capacity up to 60 ton cooling capacity.


  • Fully Packaged with Integrated Pump and Tank
  • Lowest Operating Costs
  • Generous Operating Limits
  • Weatherproof Construction
  • Individually Tested for Assured Quality
  • Extremely Precise Water Temperature Control


  • Microprocessor Controls
  • Stainless Steel Process Pump
  • Carbon Steel Storage Tank for pressurized closed loop operation
  • Piston, rotary or scroll compressors
  • Innovative Evaporator-in-tank configuration for increased efficiency
  • Stainless Steel storage tank with insulation (Optional)

Air Cooled Chiller Package Options

As applications differ, so General Air Products' chillers can be adapted to each individual need thanks to numerous configurations and accessories. Below are a few of the options we offer. For more information and a complete list of options, review our brochure.

Pump options: 3bar pumps are supplied as standard, 5bar pumps or no pump on request (from 015). Twin pumps are also offered (from 201).

Water Circuit: A non-ferrous option (stainless steel water tank, copper/brass exchanger, stainless steel pump if not already standard) is offered on models 015-351. Alternatively, models 015-351 can be supplied with a prismatic stainless steel tank and an external stainless steel plate heat exchanger (designed for open circuit operation); this configuration is also available with an evaporator flow switch which protects against water flow stoppages.

Condenser section: electronic fan speed control is offered from model 031. Centrifugal fans (from 031) are ideal for ducted or indoor installation. Pre-treated and copper-copper condenser coils (all from 015) cater to harsh environments.

Special voltages: 50 Hz or 60 Hz versions and various single and 3-phase voltages are available

View Packaged Air Cooled Chiller Models

Item # Heat Load Cooling
ACCPS005 6000 Btu/hr
1.76 kW
0.5 Tons
ACCPS010 12000 Btu/hr
3.51 kW
1 Tons
ACCPS015 20520 Btu/hr
6.01 kW
1.71 Tons
ACCPS020 24120 Btu/hr
7.07 kW
2.01 Tons
ACCPS031 38280 Btu/hr
11.22 kW
3.19 Tons
ACCPS051 54000 Btu/hr
15.83 kW
4.5 Tons
ACCPS081 90000 Btu/hr
26.38 kW
7.5 Tons
ACCPS101 117600 Btu/hr
34.46 kW
9.8 Tons
ACCPS121 142800 Btu/hr
41.85 kW
11.9 Tons
ACCPS161 164400 Btu/hr
48.18 kW
13.7 Tons
ACCPS201 189600 Btu/hr
55.56 kW
15.8 Tons
ACCPS251 217200 Btu/hr
63.66 kW
18.1 Tons
ACCPS301 252000 Btu/hr
73.85 kW
21 Tons
ACCPS351 279600 Btu/hr
81.94 kW
23.3 Tons
ACCPS402 355200 Btu/hr
104.10 kW
29.6 Tons
ACCPS502 409200 Btu/hr
119.92 kW
34.1 Tons
ACCPS602 474000 Btu/hr
138.92 kW
39.5 Tons
ACCPS702 577200 Btu/hr
169.16 kW
48.1 Tons
ACCPS802 690000 Btu/hr
202.22 kW
57.5 Tons

Our standard and custom units have been used for applications in all industries, notably:

  1. ACCPS005


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  2. ACCPS602


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  3. ACCPS502


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  4. ACCPS402


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  5. ACCPS351


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  6. ACCPS301


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  7. ACCPS251


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  8. ACCPS201


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  9. ACCPS161


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  10. ACCPS121


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