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Pumping Station & Fluid Cooler Combination for Washdown Application

Equipment used in many pharmaceutical, food & beverage and chemical industry applications are subject to intense cleaning to maintain the purity of the process. This cleaning can take the form of a thorough wash-down, a caustic chemical exposure and everything in between. General Air Products has extensive experience designing and building process cooling equipment of all types that meet the unique demands of such an application.

When a customer in the pharmaceutical industry asked us to build them a custom cooling unit that would meet the requirements of his process efficiently while protecting itself (and the process) from chemical contaminate present in the work area we designed and built the unit you see on the right.

It is a custom fluid cooler / pumping station with a control panel. The fluid cooler and control panel are constructed of stainless steel while the pump, expansion tank and piping are corrosion resistant and weatherproof.

Another customer, this time from the food processing industry, told us that the features and controls available with our standard air cooled chillers were just what they needed – with one notable exception. The work environment required the exterior and major components to be constructed of stainless steel.

After a consult with our team of expert process cooling engineers, the design for the unit on the left was conceived and implemented.

We took one of our standard chillers, replaced the panels with stainless steel and enclosed all controls / electricals with weatherproof housings. Internal components were exchanged as well to meet the customer’s specifications.

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