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Quiet Compressors for Pre-Action Systems

In our other blog post, Air Compressors in Pre-Action Systems, we talked about the importance of selecting an air compressor built specifically for reliability in specialized applications. Today, we’d like to introduce our new Q Series as a perfect quiet air compressor for pre-action systems that are used in or near occupied spaces.

Quiet Air Compressor Applications

  • Libraries: For double interlock pre-action systems that are installed in libraries, the Q Series is ideal. With a decibel rating of 55 dB the Q Series can supply the system with compressed air without disturbing any occupants of the building.
  • Server Rooms: Server rooms are typically installed in office settings and a standard fire protection air compressor can cause noise that is detrimental to the productivity of those nearby.
  • Residences: Residential complexes, such as apartments, condominiums and nursing home facilities are excellent candidates for quiet compressors because dry pipe systems leak at all hours of the day, and the last thing those nearby want is to be woken up in the early hours of the morning by the noise of a standard fire protection air compressor.
  • Medical and Hospitals: In areas with expensive medical equipment that would be damaged by water, patient comfort is also important. A noisy compressor placed near patients will likely agitate them and in some cases prevent them from resting.
  • Museums: Museums are excellent candidates for the General Air Products’ Q Series quiet fire protection air compressors because reliability of the air compressor is key to protect invaluable pieces on display. Additionally a noisy air compressor placed too near an exhibit can disrupt visitors from appreciating that exhibit

General Air Products’ Q Series quiet fire protection air compressor is often the best for fit pre-action systems that are near inhabited spaces.

Q Series Quiet Fire Protection Air Compressor Pre Action Systems

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