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Questions from Customers: Why do I need a Motor Starter?

Why do I need a Motor Starter on my Dry Pipe System Air Compressor? In short, to prevent this from happening: What you see here is a burnt motor on one of our LT Series lubricated tank mounted units. In this instance the air compressor was run with no oil, causing the pump to seize.

a blue marathon air compressor with copper pipes attached to it

Questions from Customers – Mounting a Compressor on a Riser

On June 15, 2011 we received an email from Michael Perrin a representative for a condominium in Surrey, B.C. Canada regarding the mounting of an air compressor to the fire protection systems’ riser. Michael asks: “We had an air compressor installed by our local fire protection contractor. The compressor was attached to the riser by… Read more …