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Electrical Troubleshooting Fire Protection Air Compressors

Tank Mounted Lubricated Fire Protection Air CompressorHigh quality, dependable air compressors supplied by General Air Products rarely have any installation start-up issues that are caused by the compressor itself; however, there is an occasional installation issue that results in a troubleshooting phone call.

The #1 issue that accounts for 90% of our troubleshooting calls is actually one that we are unable to control – job site electrical issues. Fortunately we are able to help you with these issues whenever they occur.

There are many electrical issues that can affect compressor performance. Two issues we see most often are:  1) the wire gauge is insufficient for the length of the wire run; and 2) the line voltage is not compatible with how the motor is wired (most motors are dual or tri-voltage motors that can be rewired to operate at different line voltages – Except Oil-less 1 Phase tank units cannot be rewired for 208v).

Please scroll down to view our electrical check guides for our compressors to avoid a potentially time consuming problem at start-up.

Also, don’t forget to have a look at the step-by-step wiring guides offered for each model of our compressors in the Wiring Guide section of our web site. Inside each you will find pictures and detailed instructions on how to properly wire your General Air Products Fire Protection Air Compressor.

One final word – please call us if you have any problems with installing or operating our equipment. We are always happy to assist! – 800-345-8207.

One thought on “Electrical Troubleshooting Fire Protection Air Compressors

  1. Hey guys, thanks for the troubleshooting blogs and videos; as far as I know, this is a first in the fire protection industry, keep it coming. What are the potential causes of the following circumstances: you are called to a site where the occupant reports (1)he has low system air, or (2)the compressor has apparently stopped working, or (3)worst case, the dry pipe valve has tripped. You find that the thermal overload on the compressor has activated and the little red reset button has to be punched. That solves the immediate problem but what are the different circumstances that would have caused this to happen? In other words, give us a troubleshooting procedure because once it happens again in a day or two our customer is not happy to call us back to pay another service call “to just push a button.” We find this circumstance not only on listed fire protection compressors but on consumer grade compressors. Please give us something we can give to our service personnel.

    This is one of our biggest service issues. Sometimes we replace the check valve in the air line and it works, other times not. How about electric wiring size, will that affect overheating? If it’s a plug-in consumer compressor, what if it’s on a circuit with another device drawing amps when the compressor kicks in? Help, please! Tom McKinnon, Crawford Sprinkler Company, Hickory NC 828 327 4116

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