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General Air Products’ Vapor Pipe Shield Earns c-UL Listing

Exton, PA — General Air Products is pleased to announce its patented and UL-Listed Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor (or VpCI®) delivery system, Vapor Pipe Shield, is now c-UL Listed and available for installation across Canada. Applying the same technology that has protected and extended the shelf life of many familiar metal products, including metallic car parts, oil pipelines, and steel bridge cables, Vapor Pipe Shield from General Air Products is a game-changing development in the prevention of damaging corrosion in dry and pre-action fire sprinkler systems.

Vapor Pipe Shield went through rigorous testing in order to receive its UL Listing and c-UL Listing. Testing included evaluation in categories such as high ambient temperature stability, temperature cycling stability, toxicity, and corrosion rate, among others. Failure in any of the tests during the UL evaluation process would have prohibited Vapor Pipe Shield’s listing. For a full summary of the UL evaluation, our Agency Assessment is available to view here.

Piped directly in-line between the air compressor and dry pipe valve, Vapor Pipe Shield is as easy to install as an Air Maintenance Device. Once installed, the VpCI® molecules are dispersed throughout the piping using the airflow provided by the dry or pre-action system and then adsorb to the metal surface of the piping system. There, these molecules form a one-molecule thick barrier — or protective shield — on the metal that repels corrosive elements from contacting the pipe directly, stopping corrosion in its tracks. And because VpCI® molecules can also penetrate any standing water in the piping network, it doesn’t matter how much oxygen or moisture is in the sprinkler system — oxygen and moisture are rendered irrelevant.

Vapor Pipe Shield from General Air Products makes corrosion mitigation and prevention in any dry or pre-action sprinkler system simple, efficient, and highly cost-effective — and now that it is c-UL Listed, customers can have confidence that this technology is made with the same standards of safety, quality, and dependability General Air Products is known for.

To get a quote for any Vapor Pipe Shield unit, reach out to us directly or head to our Distributor Locator to get pricing from one of our Distributor Partners.