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Econo Series

Econo Series

NFPA 13D Single Family Residential Pump Package

Our Econo Series RFP Systems offer the bare essentials for what is needed in a residential fire sprinkler system pump when considering ease of installation and performance demands. The Econo RFP System is designed to provide all 13D required features and functionality at the lowest possible cost without compromising the high level of quality the industry has come to expect from General Air Products.

As with all of the RFP Systems the Econo consists of a stainless steel pump, non-ferrous components and an industrial duty pressure switch. The Econo RFP System differs from the rest of our 13D Pump line in that it doesn’t consist of much more than that – this is how we make sure that no matter how tight your budget is, the Econo is the right product for you.

Video: Live Burn Demo of our Econo RFP System[video]

Proposition 65

Econo RFP System Chart

Tanks are available for the Econo Series but sold separately. Click here to view the NFPA 13D Water Storage Tank page of our website.


Model Number Cut Sheet General Arrangement Pump Curve Engineering Submittal Package
XPS-11 [pdf] [pdf] [pdf] [zip]
XPS-14 [pdf] [pdf] [pdf] [zip]
XPS-15 [pdf] [pdf] [pdf] [zip]
XPS-18 [pdf] [pdf] [pdf] [zip]
XPS-19 [pdf] [pdf] [pdf] [zip]

Engineering Submittal Package Includes REVIT(RFA) & CAD(DWG) Files

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