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General Air Products Air Compressor Troubleshooting - Air Intake Filter and Noise Level

This LT Series lubricated, tank mounted reciprocating fire protection air compressor was installed in a dry pipe sprinkler system in the Pittsburgh area. Our customer notified us that the unit was too noisy. After trying to troubleshoot the issue over the phone, while the unit was still in the field (our preferred method), we determined that it was necessary to bring the unit back to the factory as we could not pinpoint the problem to the customers satisfaction.  Upon inspection we determined that the excessive noise was caused by the air intake filter being improperly installed.

This video demonstrates how important proper installation of the air intake filter is in regard to noise level and overall compressor performance.

Please keep in mind that there are a variety of reasons that a compressor can make excessive noise. There are also many different ways to reduce the noise level of a compressor - even one that is functioning properly. Some of these noise reducing solutions include the use of accessory products like our vibration isolation pads and our stainless steel flex hose.

If you believe that your compressor is making more noise than it should, or any noise that it should not shut the compressor down and contact one of our fire protection air compressor experts immediately by calling 800-345-8207.

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